According to the proposal put forward by the Fehér Gyűrű ("White Ring") Public Benefit Association tasked with performing the preparative work, the Government is contributing seventy million forints towards helping the victims of the Roma murders. The measure will provide assistance for more than 30 affected families, taking into consideration their living conditions and requirements.

Minister of State for Social Inclusion Zoltán Kovács of the Ministry of Human Resources announced on Thursday that, without waiting further for the final judgement that will end the court case concerning the Roma murders, the Ministry of Human Resources will be providing 70 million forints in support to the surviving casualties and directly affected victims of the Roma murders, in accordance with the Government Decree adopted in January.

The White Ring Public Benefit Association, which was asked to perform the preparatory work for possible compensation and which has decades of experience in helping victims of crime and is a member of an international victim support network, put forward its proposal with regard to the form and framework of compensation, as requested. The White Ring Association contacted is maintaining contact with victims directly, providing both human and financial support.

The personal data of those who will be receiving compensation belong in the special data category, and accordingly the Ministry is unable to provide further information or data in this respect. Within the framework of the support provided, the Government will strive to provide and establish a framework that contributes to enabling it to monitor the situation of those affected in the long term.

Even without a final verdict on the part of the court, it is clear that in 2008-2009 the activities of several contemporary state organisations impeded the ongoing investigation and the capture of the perpetrators. This latest measure is another assumption of responsibility on the part of the Government of Hungary for the compensation of the families of the victims.  The civil government was the first to provide support to victims directly or indirectly affected by the Roma murders. Although no comprehensive data is available with regard to the level of support given in addition to funding provided from state resources (e.g. from local governments, non-governmental organisations, churches, etc.), current Minister for Human Resources Zoltán Balog provided 8.5 million forints to the families of the victims in 2010 when he was Minister of State at the Ministry of Public Administration and Justice, with which, amongst others, four homes were renovated with the help of the Phralipe Independent Roma Organisation.

(Ministry of Human Resources)