Péter Garai, Deputy State Secretary for Social Inclusion at the Ministry of Human Resources opened the project in the Pécs Gandhi Secondary School, the purpose of which is to promote the successful advancement of disadvantaged students in secondary school and to encourage the continuation of their studies in higher education.

Péter Garai stressed at the opening ceremony that education plays a priority role within the complex efforts identified in the National Social Inclusion Strategy; in recent years, an equal opportunities network has come into being comprised of various equal opportunities programmes which provide support for young people all the way from birth to university. 

Gandhi is the only Roma national minority secondary school in Hungary. At present, some 200 students study in the institution. In this school, the main emphasis is placed on skills and personality development, and students are prepared for the continuation of their studies in higher education and entering the realm of work. Additionally, as an intellectual workshop the school does an outstanding job in the fostering and sharing of Roma culture, thanks to its professional and methodological approach that is unique even by European standards. 

The project „You can’t do it alone – It’s easier together” is implemented under the auspices of the programme „Promoting initiatives designed to encourage the continuation of studies” funded as part of the New Széchényi Plan.

(State Secretariat for Social Inclusion)