2013. október 31. 15:36

Zoltán Kovács visits children’s chances programme

Zoltán Kovács, Minister of State for Social Inclusion at the Ministry of Human Resources paid a visit to Berettyóújfalu to attend the local opening event of the Children’s Chances programme which was awarded funding worth HUF 600 million from the New Széchényi Programme. The Minister of State also visited the Komád and Biharkeresztes Sure Start Children’s Centres.

2013. október 18. 12:38

The eradication of poverty cannot be based on symptomatic treatment

One of the fundamental principles of the fight against poverty is that, rather than resorting to the mere treatment of the symptoms, we should tackle the processes and situations that constantly regenerate poverty on a systemic level, Zoltán Kovács, State Secretary for Social Inclusion at the Ministry of Human Resources said on Thursday in Bátonyterenye in Nógrád County.

2013. október 9. 15:59

Social Land Programme to continue in more localities with increased funding

One hundred and fifty-one localities were awarded aid this year as part of the call for proposals invited by the Ministry of Human Resources, the purpose of which is to provide a living for those living in disadvantaged localities, to create jobs and to develop local communities. In addition to agricultural production, participants of the programme now also deal with home-based processing and make high-quality home-made products. As a result, programmes are being launched that rely on the local features and are sustainable in the long run. The land programme may offer exponentially expanding opportunities to the entire communities of localities in the future.

2013. október 4. 14:39

Minister Balog speaks in France about Roma culture in Hungary

The Minister of Human Resources Zoltán Balog took part in a round-table discussion on the development of Roma culture today in Aix-en-Provence, France. The goal of the event, organised by the Hungarian Embassy in France, was for Hungary, which took the lead in laying down the European Roma Framework Strategy, to share its experiences with the participants.

2013. szeptember 25. 16:59

School year opening at the Christian Roma Specialisation College

The ceremonial opening of the 2013–2014 school year of the Network of Christian Roma Specialisation Colleges was held in Miskolc where Zoltán Kovács, Minister of State for Social Inclusion at the Ministry of Human Resources made a welcome speech. Zoltán Kovács praised the work done in the specialisation colleges and reassured everyone that they continue to enjoy the support of the Government.

2013. augusztus 16. 15:41

Government pays compensation to families of the 2008-2009 Roma murders

In 2008 and 2009, under the previous socialist Government, a series of nine attacks was committed against people of Roma origin in which six people were murdered, generating deep shock throughout the whole of society and leading to accusations that police had failed to protect a minority group.

2013. augusztus 6. 12:44

Press Release regarding the first instance verdict of the 2008-2009 Roma murder series

Five years after shots were first fired at Galgagyörk and the series of murders which cost the lives of Roma people at nine different locations began, the trial of the murderers has come to an end at first instance and the court has issued its first instance verdict.

2013. augusztus 2. 13:45

Commemorating the Roma Holocaust

On 2 August 1944, three thousand Roma people were murdered in the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp. What happened on that day only became fully known to history several decades later. 2 August was declared International Roma Holocaust Remembrance Day by the World Romani Congress in 1972. On this day, we remember the tens of thousands of Sinti and Roma people who were murdered throughout Europe during the Second World War.

2013. július 8. 17:48

Summer camp of disadvantaged and Roma children has opened in Velence

The summer camp organised by the National Roma Government opened on Monday in the locality of Velence situated in Fejér County where five hundred disadvantaged and Roma children will enjoy a summer holiday in the next few weeks, thanks, inter alia, to the funding of HUF 15 million provided by the Ministry of Human Resources.

2013. június 28. 16:58

Fight against depopulation of localities – model programme of „200 villages” project to be launched

Minister of Human Resources Zoltán Balog paid a visit to Hejőkeresztúr on Friday to officially announce the call for proposals invited for the reversal of the depopulation processes of localities which will serve as a model programme for the „200 villages” project to be conducted between 2014 and 2020. As part of the programme, localities in the Central Hungary region may submit proposals for funding in excess of HUF 350 million, while funding worth HUF 500 million will be made available in the convergence regions to reverse the negative economic and social processes with measures relying on the potential inherent in the local communities.