The Government has allocated HUF 50 million for the organisation of Roma cultural events and the presentation of Roma cultural content and products to the public as part of a government tender, in response to which entries are expected to be submitted by 26 March, Minister of State for Social Inclusion Zoltán Kovács announced on Wednesday in Budapest.

„This allocation of HUF 50 million, made available in addition to other cultural funding opportunities, partly serves to promote the fostering of Roma culture and partly seeks to serve as an identity-shaping programme that is designed to promote the co-existence of Roma and non-Roma Hungarians”, the Minister of State of the Ministry of Human Resources stressed. 

Zoltán Kovács highlighted that, this year too, the tender consists of two components, one of which serves to promote Roma fine arts and literature, while proposals may also be submitted for the implementation of cultural events. 

The Minister of State also reiterated that 251 requests were submitted in response to the call for proposals last year, 142 of which were awarded funding to the value of HUF 43.2 million. 

„Several of the projects awarded funding last year are currently ongoing or will be implemented in the near future, however, based on preliminary calculations, we may venture to say that we have succeeded in mobilising approximately 25 thousand people with these programmes, including some 10 thousand children”, Mr. Kovács stressed. 

The programmes which were awarded funding in 2013 include, amongst others, events for the preservation of traditions, concerts, communal events and folklore programmes.

“This allocation of HUF 50 million may be suitable for the implementation of events that showcase the genuine values of Roma culture and break down the barriers between Roma and non-Roma”, István Szilveszter Balogh, member of the Józsefváros District Council said at the event.

(Ministry of Human Resources)