"The Hungarian Government takes the view that, in addition to the application of human rights principles, the social inclusion of the Roma can only be achieved with programmes that can be implemented in practice", Minister of State for Social Inclusion Zoltán Kovács, who is attending the international Roma affairs conference The Conscience of Europe in Helsinki, stated on Tuesday.

He outlined that the development of education, job creation and employment are the most effective means of integration. He reiterated that it was in the spirit of this recognition that the Hungarian Government had initiated the drafting of an EU-level Roma framework strategy in 2010-2011.

Mr Kovács drew attention to the fact that, other than human rights principles, there are no universal solutions that can be implemented with equal effect in all Member States, especially in view of the fact that while there are hundreds of thousands of Roma in Hungary, the Roma population in Finland numbers only ten thousand, he added.

The inclusion of the Roma cannot be implemented in 1 or 2 years; it will take decades and generations, the Minister of State said, reiterating the opinion he voiced at the conference.

The conference, which is being attended by representatives from a number of European countries, is being held at the initiative of Roma human rights activist and author Veijo Baltzar.

(Ministry of Human Resources, MTI)